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With a life-long love of horses and with the family being involved with other equestrian pursuits over the years our horse's ongoing welfare is close to the heart.

Many of our past winners have become family pets living out their days comfortably into their 20’s on our farm at Bayles or have gone on to become broodmares.

When a horse’s racing career comes to an end we take the greatest of care to rehome them with responsible and experienced owners who will give them a comfortable life whether that is in another equestrian pursuit, breeding or as a family pet.

We love hearing their post-racing stories and seeing photos and videos in their post racing days.

Mr Blackwood Happy In Retirement

Nothing gives us more satisfaction than seeing our racehorses getting the retirement they deserve. Mr Blackwood, a stable favourite, gave his all to everyone who met him. Not the fastest but not a single complaint from anyone who rode this gentleman in a race. We are grateful for everyone who has cared for and loved him during his time with us and look forward to hearing more of his story with his new owner, Annie Louise.