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Our Stables were designed and purpose built by Alderson Racing on 5 acres adjacent to the Cranbourne Training Complex. It’s a short stroll for the horses to work at the Cranbourne Training Track before returning to the stable for breakfast, rest and relaxation.

The complex itself is a state-of-the-art facility, widely acknowledged as the best in Victoria and possibly Australia. Offering a wide variety of surfaces to train on, with safety features such as horse entry/exit underpasses onto the track, which eliminates the need for crossings that often result in horse injuries.

The design of our complex means every horse receives individual attention and living conditions tailored to its specific needs. Having access to various accommodation and fitness training methods keeps our horses engaged and interested in their training program. Happy horses produce their best!

Facilities Include:

  • Large, spacious grass, sand and synthetic training tracks
  • Weekly unofficial trials
  • Jumps schooling
  • Swimming pool
  • Sand hills and bush walking tracks.
  • Horse walker
  • Treadmill
  • Barrier education stalls
  • E-trakka exercise timing, monitoring and analysis
  • Walk-in Walk-out stables and day paddocks
  • Double stables with window views
  • Nearby beaches for low-impact sessions
  • Sand hills and bush walking tracks

Only 30 minutes from our Cranbourne Stables is our agistment and breeding farm in Bayles. This property truly is horse heaven! Comprising 80 acres set up like a 5-star health retreat.

Horses enjoy acres of endless grazing and interaction with other horses, mares, foals and even the odd cow! Our horses come to the farm for much needed physical and mental rest and relaxation. They return to the stable feeling refreshed and invigorated.

We have expanded our operations over the years to indulge our passion for breeding to produce future winners and hopefully champions!

Most of our mares have been trained and raced by us and therefore we have intimate knowledge of the family strengths, weaknesses, and personalities!

We spend many hours researching bloodlines to match our mares with stallions to produce the best possible result. Foals are reared at our farm where we keep a watchful eye on their growth and progress.

It’s a long but extremely rewarding process when we see one of our ‘babies’ winning at the track.